Wednesday, April 05, 2006

If you don't like BUSH you will like this

I recently took this picture and thought I would share it... It has nothing to do with knitting... But is definitely a conversation maker

Where I enjoy knitting

I have been knitting more than posting recently... But I decided tonite to at least post where I enjoy doing most of my knitting.... Here is a picture.

I have been knitting here at lunch on about 1 to 2 days a week for several years. This is an older cemetery in Salem, Virginia. It is quiet, no one bothers me... HA HA and I can really get some knitting done as well as escape my work for a while. I have been doing Genealogical research for 27 years, so cemeteries are very comforting to me. This is in fact the only time I can even half way combine my two favorite interests.

When I tell people I do this they give me some really weird looks... I knit in public a great deal and often get comments... In fact all of my doctors and even my son's doctors know to expect knitting when I visit. But NO ONE in my acquaintance has not been surprised about this knitting place.
I hope to take some pictures of my most recent "WAHOO" creation. And share soon...