Monday, February 02, 2009

A little sweater for Kathryn's new baby

I decided to knit a size 3 month sweater for a fellow Social Worker who was due in January. I got the sweater done, but then put off adding the buttons. I hope to mail this tomorrow to her... as I have a bad cold and don't want to bring my germs to the new arrival.

This sweater was knit with Baby Ull Dalegarm. It is washable wool and I absolutely loved working with it. I got it from Becky Bowling when she owned Knitter's Knook. She has now closed the store and left the country to be with her husband. I selfishly wish that she would have stayed here as she was such a help and inspiration.

The pattern called for Paton's Beehive.. but I could not find any and Becky graciously helped me to see that the Baby Ull was a good substitute.. THANKS AGAIN BECKY!!!!!