Monday, November 16, 2009

Alive and well

The knitting Wahoo is alive and well.. and knitting away.. but as I need to take picks of projects.. I thought I would share this song....

I like this version from Youtube better than The "official video"

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer knitting

Well to say the least the Knitting Wahoo never stops knitting.. but when it comes to getting on the computer or posting on her blog... well that is something else... Summer has been very busy and I have not had the time or inclination to get on the Internet that much... .just ask my friends.. .I don't go there that much either.. I think think things will change with the Fall thought..

So with further adeau here is what I have been knitting this summer.

These socks were for a friends grandchild who is about 10 months old. Made of Cascade Fixation they are stretchy and hopefully will last a while.

My 1776 socks. I love these socks and they were the first pair I have ever finished so quickly. I think it was the patriotic patterning.. or maybe I was just extra stressed.. I don't know.. BUT I do know my son now wants a pair for himself. I can not wait to wear these this Fall.

Talk about small. This sweater is for a 3 pound baby... Well... Since the place I usually donate to can not take 3 pound sweaters [babies that size don't need button down sweaters.... I guess I will just keep it for a bear or maybe gift it to a little girl with a doll.. I have not decided... I mainly did this size to see what it looked like... it was a total experiment.

This sweater is "normal" newborn size.... Likely about 3 months. I don't have a recipient in mind yet... But I did it to see how the yarn self patterned and because I wanted to knit in pink.... the pattern is free and I found it on Ravelry... . You can find me on too as APPALACHIANCHILD.

Yet another experiment to an unknown recipient... I just had this yarn in my stash and wanted to see how it knitted up. I am not sure who will get it...

This little yellow sweater was fun to knit.... yes it is the same basic pattern as the 3 previous. This time I used Cabin Fever Yarn.... It is soft, washable.. and I love this particular yarn.. .I have been a little addicted to that pattern recently.... The buttons are from South Africa... and I purchased them at Sereknitty yarn shop on Crystal Spring Dr. in Roanoke, VA [My favorite LYS because like on the show Cheers... they "know my name"] This sweater was gifted to the Steiner Baby at Church.

This sweater was made for my Friend Jodi's baby boy Gabriel. You have to see the back to appreciate the work in this one. If I make this again, I will not make it with the Mission Falls 1824 that is recommended... I found out that I am simply not a fan..... Otherwise it turned out pretty well.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SO what has the Knitting Wahoo been up to?????

Well to tell the truth.. I have not really finished any projects recently... I have a couple that are near finishing and several others started... but alas.. nothing finished.... I stopped everything last weekend [weekend before Easter] to start an afghan for one of my Husband's co-workers... It is nearly done and when I finish it I will post a picture.

In the mean time.. I have a few recent pictures to share.

First My exploration with "Copper Pennies" ie Sweetened sauteed carrots.

Second... A Star Wars Clone Warrior invaded my Easter with Family. This is actually my son... with his brown sweater from a previous post.

You may see from frost on the grass... yes it was there... and this was taken about 845am on Sunday. We were in Bluefield, VA and it was definitely COLD for Easter... but at least it did not snow....
Well I am off to do some more knitting on that afghan

Monday, February 02, 2009

A little sweater for Kathryn's new baby

I decided to knit a size 3 month sweater for a fellow Social Worker who was due in January. I got the sweater done, but then put off adding the buttons. I hope to mail this tomorrow to her... as I have a bad cold and don't want to bring my germs to the new arrival.

This sweater was knit with Baby Ull Dalegarm. It is washable wool and I absolutely loved working with it. I got it from Becky Bowling when she owned Knitter's Knook. She has now closed the store and left the country to be with her husband. I selfishly wish that she would have stayed here as she was such a help and inspiration.

The pattern called for Paton's Beehive.. but I could not find any and Becky graciously helped me to see that the Baby Ull was a good substitute.. THANKS AGAIN BECKY!!!!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Final creations from 2008

Here are my final creations from 2008. Some were presents.. and some were for our family or me...

One of the yarn stores in the Roanoke area closed this fall and I was very saddened. I am about to finish a sweater with yarn I purchased there and will post photos when it is done. We did have a new Yarn shop open--- Yarn Explosion and I was there today getting yet more yarn... but I do have plans for it...

So here are the photos......................

This is Zipper. She is a Rat Terrier who joined our family in November. She is only 6 months old now and has little fat and little hair [smooth coat]. I made her this UVA sweater of wool for the winter.

This sweater was for my son. I made my own pattern starting off of the Knitter's book of Patterns vest for children.

More of my leftover sock yarn baby socks. I finished these in October when my father had surgery. I plan on several sets eventually to use as ornaments at Christmas. So far I have 2 and 1/2 sets complete.

This is a basic sweater made from Plymouth Encore Aran/sport weight... Machine washable, with some wool. It was a gift for the newest Abelhadhi baby at church

I could not resist sharing these buttons... BUTTERFLIES... they really "set off" the sweater.

Another multi directional scarf.... This one for my son's Kindergarten Teacher, Ms. Blevins. She is a Breast Cancer Survivor and I thought the Pink was a nice but not overpowering touch. Yarn is Karaoke and was purchased at Yarn Theory in Bedford.

Finally this little sweater is about a 12 month size.. and was for the Brooks baby at work. I grew up in the same church as the baby's father and has her grandfather as a bus driver at one time.

Detail of the stitching on this sweater.

Hopefully I will get even busier with knitting and spinning in 2009...