Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ravelympics Virginiastars

I have knitted like a maniac sice August 8th when the Olymics started

Here are my finished objects so far

These are Harrison's socks.... Universal yarns Ditto


Multidirectional scarf of BOKU to be gifted to Mom

UVA tote Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky..... felted Wahoooooooooooooooo

Preemie afghan for UVA hospital via Heartfelt Angels on

so far I have gotten 4 of these awards and am on the verge of number 5..... I only entered 6 items in the WIP [works in progress ] Wrestling

This is a flower fom Harrison's garden

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I continue to finish more things

Since I have joined it is hard for me to keep up with posting here as well.. so here are a few things I have accomplished in June... and late May.

I am currently designing a sweater for my son and will post pictures soon....

I also have started several other projects... and am looking at Christmas items.. [gifts]... so I will not feel rushed come November/December.

In the mean time.. here are a few of my recently finished objects.....

I have finished yet another pair of socks... This time they were two at a time... I don't know that I am a fan yet.. but I will try again this may have been too hard a pattern to start with... I gave these to a co-worker on the event of her retirement. They are made with Elann Espirit.. much like Cascade fixation.. but different color ways and lesser costs...

And before this I had finished some socks in Austerman Step.. using a purl lace sock pattern from SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS... I love these.... They were as much a joy to knit [the yarn is so soft and fun] as they feel on my feet.

And finally... I have finished my Orange/Brown/Green roving. I decided to Navajo ply it due to the fact that one bobbin was older than the other.. and although this was my first time Navajo plying.. I think I am in love... I like it much better.. don't have the extra singles I usually end up with otherwise.. and found I had better control...... So far I don't know how much yardage I have... But I believe I have enough for a scarf... maybe something more... I will have to consider who it is for... As these are really not my colors.. but I enjoy looking at it ..... I spun this on my Kromski Mazurka.. and plied it on my Majacraft Saxony...

SO... Here are my final balls..

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Socks, socks.. and oh what else

These are the original MAXIM print socks I referred to in my last post. They turned out a little bigger than I had anticipated... No overly big, but I guess to be honest... I am a little spoilt to my Fixation socks... Anyway I only got to wear them once and have not tried since washing them.. maybe I got a little shrinkage [I did not try to felt them.... but did hope they would tighten up a wee bit.]

NOW BELOW are photos of the left overs... I took some to make two squares for an afghan for a knitting friend who lost her home to a fire and then still had enough yarn for these... they are on size 1 needles and are 24 stitches around. I did not do a true heel decrease due to the size.. I plan to use them as ornaments anyway... but I thought they were just too cute.....

Oh yeah... and ROSES galore... I went out in the rain to take this photo.

I am on the verge of finishing some AUSTERMAN STEP socks from the SOCKS,SOCKS, SOCKS book they have been so fun.. My son graduated from preschool last night and what did I do.. I took them with me... I am on the foot of the second sock.. and am raring to finish... SO .... I knitted until the program started... I knitted in the car on the way there too, as well as on the way to IHOP [his choice for celebrating].... I am nearly to the toe.... I hope I can get some things done at home today... but it may not happen as I want that sock finished NOW

As soon as I get done which I am sure will be this weekend.. I will post pictures.......

I am on as Appalachianchild... I have been busy loading up my stash, books, and projects and have met several friends too.... I post there more than here ....

Monday, May 12, 2008

All things southern and more

I have been looking for things to knit that are southern in nature. I am hoping to be able to dress in period clothing for Civil War Reenactments and events and have been looking for shawl, cap etc patterns. I joined a group on Yahoo and found more resources... As soon as I have something nice made I will post my efforts..

One of the patters I really liked was put out by Goodey's Lady's book and is of a cap. I plan to do it first.. and probably will make a dress around it.

So since I was thinking South.. I decided to see where my linguistics was at... well here is the tail......

Your Linguistic Profile:

35% Dixie

35% General American English

10% Upper Midwestern

5% Midwestern

5% Yankee Kind of American English Do You Speak?

This rather fits me well.

This is my first spool of variegated yarn in Orange, Green, Brown etc.. from My Kromski wheel.

About a month ago I did a spinning exhibition at work and was featured in our newsletter spinning... I am beginning to be much more confident in sharing my spinning knowledge now.

As to knitting.. well...............I have finished some Maxim by Filatura Di Crosa that I picked up at Yarn Theory Jan is the bomb and always has a nice selection. If you are in Bedford, Virginia you need to look her up.

I plan to post pictures of these socks soon.. but I have the toes and running in treads to go. I may try to finish tonite though as tomorrow is supposed to be so very cool again. It is hard to believe it is spring from today's weather.. but I have seen....

All this and more is in our yard these days.... I do like spring.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My first 6-8 yr old sweater vest

I finally finished the Easter Vest for my son. He is wearing it.. but I cropped off his head as I don't like advertising exactly what he looks like on line.

Anyway it is in Shepherd wool, basic sweater pattern is from the Knitters Book of Patterns. Front is in a Diamond Brocade... I had to adjust majorly when it came to the arms and shoulders.. but all went well... all that math I took in High School paid off...

Back is straight stockinette.... I did this at the suggestion of a co-worker and it definitely looks good.

Gauge was about 5 stitches to the inch...

and here is the picture....

The flash and my editing took away some of the detail.. but it is truly diamond brocade on the full front.....

Now that I have gotten brave.. and found his size [my son is very tall for a 5 year old]... I plan to keep working on more vests for his first year of Kindergarten this fall.... Orange, Mustard Yellow.. and Green are on the agenda.... I even have one stitch pattern already picked out... Pictures will follow as I get them done..

Right now I am knitting two socks at the same time.... I a book about this.. and so far... well I can tell why one woman at a yarn shop said she did not like it.. It takes a lot of getting used to... But I am hopeful my retirement present for a co-worker will be done on time with no "SECOND SOCK" problems

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A couple items I recently finished

I have recently finished a couple items.... The first is a soap sack.. made with a pattern from knitlist and made out of Lion Cotton. This was for a church friend in California and I was not sure what to make quickly.. so this won out.
These socks were made from Cascade Fixation... one of my very favorite yarns.... [see my bootie posts]. Anyway this is the broadripple pattern from It is easily memorized.. I just had a touch of SSS [Second sock syndrom] and it took me over a year to make the pair... but at least I did finish.

Now you may say.. so what is next that the knitting Wahoo will do... WELL>>>>>>

I am working on a sweater for my son for Easter Sunday. It is blue and is made from Shepherd wool [it will be cold in the mountains on March 23rd]... I have used a diamond brocade pattern on the front... and a plain back.. it is a sweater vest... I am nearly done.. I did the front first as it was hardest [I had to deal with a repeating pattern and decreases... ARGH I am going up the shoulder blades on the back.. and should be ready to do the shoulder decreases later tonite or tomorrow at Lunch time..... Once I get it blocked and put together I will post a picture... I am rather proud of it if I must say so myself.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My newest creation

Yes I keep knitting and knitting for babies being born in Roanoke Virginia.... and elsewhere.... Is it something in the water or what?

Anyway here is my most recent creation.... It is a size 6 months... but as most people know.. babies come in all sizes and grow so quickly... I think this will do for April/May.... and if not.. then there are still cool days/evenings in early summer...

It is acrylic... which I often use for babies... and was a fairly quick knit, once I made myself focus.
Here it is in its green tissue paper, ready for wrapping.... I have not even done that... it is all ready and even though the shower is not until Feb 2... I am ready... to qoute my not so favorite sponge [SpongeBOB]... "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready....." Usually I am last minute on finishing details.....

And now off to my next projects... I have about 8 to 12 rows left on a blanket.. and then it will be done.. and I am about half way thru another baby sweater.. and it too will be done.......

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year etc, etc, etc

Well our New Year's Eve was not really 'Rocking" last evening... we had to put our son to sleep and he kept insisting on going to bed with us.... It took a while and needless to say I was too tired to stay up... oh well...

Is this not the cutest... I made this for a friend who had her baby in December... The shower was in November... [late]... it is made from CABIN FEVER cotton..... I used a pattern in one of my favorite books.. but had to adapt a little... for gauge etc... It came out great although

What else has the Knitting Wahoo been up to... Well many Chistmas gifts.. All but one finished... but no pictures.. sorry.. I was just too busy... I am also still doing baby gifts......
I made these for a friend who is having a baby...

we are giving a surprise shower for her next week...

I also made 300+ mints for two co-workers retirement parties... I hope that will be enough...... as each is hand done.. This was a great deal of work for me........

I have started another pair of Virginia Tech Baby Booties... [see previous post for pictures], and have two blankets and two sweaters in the works.....

And FINALLY.... A UVA KNIT......

This scarf and another like it were "commissioned" by some VT friends who wanted to give their UVA friends some fluffy scarves for christmas...

Thats all for now... I sure hope 2008 brings some peace to our world... we certainly have had enough fighting/war etc