Monday, February 11, 2013

My life of fiber

I have learned so many things recently. I have been playing with various fibers including Mohair and dog hair. I have also been playing with color. Spinning is absolutely one of the most relaxing things I have ever done.
singles on my wheel
       Navajo plyed ie 3 ply
3 ply washed and  skeined
knitting finished...  this is a Knitty pattern

I gave the finished object to a good friend who was moving.   it took exactly 4 ounces of roving.

Monday, May 28, 2012

All Hail the Champions: 'Hoos Win NCAA Rowing Again - University of Virginia Cavaliers Official Athletic Site -

All Hail the Champions: 'Hoos Win NCAA Rowing Again - University of Virginia Cavaliers Official Athletic Site -

Memorial day 2012

AH what a weekend.. I cleaned the whole deck [scrubbing each board etc], helped my husband in the country and did some shopping but one of my favorite things I have done this weekend is work on this yarn that I spun on my Kromski Prelude.
Recently the Knitting Wahoo has only wanted to spin, spin, spin... Maybe that is a good thing as I have a bit of an over abundance of roving... Will post pictures soon of it as well as my other recent projects

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where was the Knitting Wahoo on August 7th????

Check out this link and you will find out....   I was one of the few ladies from my group not in period dress...  but I am slowly but surely recifying that


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Recent adventures of the Knitting Wahoo

I have been knitting and spinning and well knitting and spinning all summer. Here is a photo of my home spun wool.. before I plied it.. I ended up NAVAJO plying it and am now in the process of making a scarf for myself.. It is a great distraction as the pattern is lace and charted.. so I really have to pay close attention

I have also been knitting…This little sweater was for one of my husband's co-workers.
Sweater for one of my husband's friends

A very calm and unafraid deer..    Don't know what was going on....
Same deer with my son...

Indian Paint...  very spooky looking plant

North American Milipede

Above a funny little parasitic plant.. Indian paint….. then the North American Milipede.. he was so cool

Finally a couple shots of lizards….
This poor guy is dead..  hence he can be held..  

Fence Swift lizard according to my husband...  they also bite according to him as well

And last but by far the most frightening… the Hornets…….


They are all dead in these photos.. but we tore apart the next.. just to see what was inside… a great teaching moment for my son……

The nest.. but all the hornets are dead

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Some new items from the Knitting Wahoo

The Knitting Wahoo has been busy......

I played the piano for the First District Conference for the UDC in Virginia.... and have had a son with lots of sickness from strep... [surgery is coming up]... and have been working on my genealogy, pictures etc ...  so you may ask...  Have  you knitted anything this spring????

The answer is a big yes.....

Here are a couple picks of finished items..  More will follow as I get them completed.. I have also gotten back into Crochet.. so There will be some pics of that as well in future.

This sweater is made of Lion Kitchen Cotton and was for a friend of my Husband.....   it is not nearly as difficult as it looks...  but I  had a horrible time finding enough thread to sew on the buttons....   

And what else would the Knitting Wahoo do but make more UVA oriented items...

Here is a hat I made from some wonderful yarn from YARN THEORY in Bedford, VA...  

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Recent knitting adventures

I have been knitting so much recently.. that I am still taking photos...  but here are a few objects that have gotten finished

This hat was made for my friend Christa's son who plays football for UVA Wise....  not my favorite UVA colors.. but a UVA school anyway.... it is the TYCHUS

This scarf below is the Drop Stitch Scarf...  I made it for a charity auction.. and am making another as a gift.. but if I decide to sell it I can purchase the pattern at the linked site... It is also available free on Ravelry

I will be posting more soon....  I just got a lap top at Christmas and it has taken some getting used to especially with the internet and hyperlinks etc....  But I think I am about there....

My current favorite song

I love, love, love this song.... You go Tim McGraw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could listen to this over and over and over... It is a great knitting song

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My latest project.

I recently finished my first try at historical knitting.

I made Princess Royal's Scarf from the 1856 issue of Godey's Magazine.

I guess I went with a "half mourning" theme... but then since I was thinking about the War Between the States.. this rather fits... who was not in some level of mourning for a lost loved one at that time.....

I plan to offer this for sale as an effort to raise money for the Children of the Confederacy.....

The pattern was easier than I thought.. and lots of fun.. I am wanting to make another to keep for me... 12 pom poms.. really made this into a lovely scarf...

Ravelry: Appalachianchild's My historical scarf