Friday, April 17, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SO what has the Knitting Wahoo been up to?????

Well to tell the truth.. I have not really finished any projects recently... I have a couple that are near finishing and several others started... but alas.. nothing finished.... I stopped everything last weekend [weekend before Easter] to start an afghan for one of my Husband's co-workers... It is nearly done and when I finish it I will post a picture.

In the mean time.. I have a few recent pictures to share.

First My exploration with "Copper Pennies" ie Sweetened sauteed carrots.

Second... A Star Wars Clone Warrior invaded my Easter with Family. This is actually my son... with his brown sweater from a previous post.

You may see from frost on the grass... yes it was there... and this was taken about 845am on Sunday. We were in Bluefield, VA and it was definitely COLD for Easter... but at least it did not snow....
Well I am off to do some more knitting on that afghan