Saturday, May 31, 2008

Socks, socks.. and oh what else

These are the original MAXIM print socks I referred to in my last post. They turned out a little bigger than I had anticipated... No overly big, but I guess to be honest... I am a little spoilt to my Fixation socks... Anyway I only got to wear them once and have not tried since washing them.. maybe I got a little shrinkage [I did not try to felt them.... but did hope they would tighten up a wee bit.]

NOW BELOW are photos of the left overs... I took some to make two squares for an afghan for a knitting friend who lost her home to a fire and then still had enough yarn for these... they are on size 1 needles and are 24 stitches around. I did not do a true heel decrease due to the size.. I plan to use them as ornaments anyway... but I thought they were just too cute.....

Oh yeah... and ROSES galore... I went out in the rain to take this photo.

I am on the verge of finishing some AUSTERMAN STEP socks from the SOCKS,SOCKS, SOCKS book they have been so fun.. My son graduated from preschool last night and what did I do.. I took them with me... I am on the foot of the second sock.. and am raring to finish... SO .... I knitted until the program started... I knitted in the car on the way there too, as well as on the way to IHOP [his choice for celebrating].... I am nearly to the toe.... I hope I can get some things done at home today... but it may not happen as I want that sock finished NOW

As soon as I get done which I am sure will be this weekend.. I will post pictures.......

I am on as Appalachianchild... I have been busy loading up my stash, books, and projects and have met several friends too.... I post there more than here ....

Monday, May 12, 2008

All things southern and more

I have been looking for things to knit that are southern in nature. I am hoping to be able to dress in period clothing for Civil War Reenactments and events and have been looking for shawl, cap etc patterns. I joined a group on Yahoo and found more resources... As soon as I have something nice made I will post my efforts..

One of the patters I really liked was put out by Goodey's Lady's book and is of a cap. I plan to do it first.. and probably will make a dress around it.

So since I was thinking South.. I decided to see where my linguistics was at... well here is the tail......

Your Linguistic Profile:

35% Dixie

35% General American English

10% Upper Midwestern

5% Midwestern

5% Yankee Kind of American English Do You Speak?

This rather fits me well.

This is my first spool of variegated yarn in Orange, Green, Brown etc.. from My Kromski wheel.

About a month ago I did a spinning exhibition at work and was featured in our newsletter spinning... I am beginning to be much more confident in sharing my spinning knowledge now.

As to knitting.. well...............I have finished some Maxim by Filatura Di Crosa that I picked up at Yarn Theory Jan is the bomb and always has a nice selection. If you are in Bedford, Virginia you need to look her up.

I plan to post pictures of these socks soon.. but I have the toes and running in treads to go. I may try to finish tonite though as tomorrow is supposed to be so very cool again. It is hard to believe it is spring from today's weather.. but I have seen....

All this and more is in our yard these days.... I do like spring.