Thursday, March 04, 2010

Recent knitting adventures

I have been knitting so much recently.. that I am still taking photos...  but here are a few objects that have gotten finished

This hat was made for my friend Christa's son who plays football for UVA Wise....  not my favorite UVA colors.. but a UVA school anyway.... it is the TYCHUS

This scarf below is the Drop Stitch Scarf...  I made it for a charity auction.. and am making another as a gift.. but if I decide to sell it I can purchase the pattern at the linked site... It is also available free on Ravelry

I will be posting more soon....  I just got a lap top at Christmas and it has taken some getting used to especially with the internet and hyperlinks etc....  But I think I am about there....

My current favorite song

I love, love, love this song.... You go Tim McGraw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could listen to this over and over and over... It is a great knitting song