Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Recent adventures of the Knitting Wahoo

I have been knitting and spinning and well knitting and spinning all summer. Here is a photo of my home spun wool.. before I plied it.. I ended up NAVAJO plying it and am now in the process of making a scarf for myself.. It is a great distraction as the pattern is lace and charted.. so I really have to pay close attention

I have also been knitting…This little sweater was for one of my husband's co-workers.
Sweater for one of my husband's friends

A very calm and unafraid deer..    Don't know what was going on....
Same deer with my son...

Indian Paint...  very spooky looking plant

North American Milipede

Above a funny little parasitic plant.. Indian paint….. then the North American Milipede.. he was so cool

Finally a couple shots of lizards….
This poor guy is dead..  hence he can be held..  

Fence Swift lizard according to my husband...  they also bite according to him as well

And last but by far the most frightening… the Hornets…….


They are all dead in these photos.. but we tore apart the next.. just to see what was inside… a great teaching moment for my son……

The nest.. but all the hornets are dead

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