Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another day more knits

I knitted these items for Heartfelt Angels a Yahoo group. All proceeds got to NICU's at several hospitals in Virginia.

As it may be apparent, I like to do hats... they are quick and fun and never get old for some reason.

I have also been working hard to get my Mustard yellow Merino roving spun. I am trying to give at least 15 minutes a day..... I mainly want to get the singles done so I can ply it and get to knitting.. Eventually it will be for my son... a sweater likely, but at the rate I had been going, it would have had to be socks as he often outgrows both my knitting and spinning speed [although I do tend to get sidetracked.] I will try to post a picture soon...

Well... off to some housework and then some knitting.... as I have a long weekend... maybe I can make more of a dent in my stash..... I have committed to myself that I will try not to buy any new yarns if at all possible, until I get my stash under better control... So far, so good....

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