Friday, March 30, 2007

Angels, Angels everywhere

I did this in one day believe it or not. It is a 12x12 square. I did not block it as I had to pack it tight to send to CANADA. It is a gift to an Internet friend who is making an afghan for her child.

I found the angel pattern on line... [Thanks Loraine Majors.. you are SUPER] and WOW.... This is the second time I have used it.... It is versatile enough to adapt to various layouts... so far I have been using it in squares for afghans.. but I may try it on something else eventually.
I am still working on a long list of UFO's.. but it is hard to stay focused when so many patterns and yarns keep calling my name........ this little excursion is a good example as I had not planned even 1 week ago to do something like this... I am still working on my son's Easter sweater and will post a picture whenever I get it done... [the back is done.. but the front, oh the front.....]
To top it all off.. as spring approaches, I am a little less inclined to knit, or at least to knit with wool... Staying focused is going to be a task to say the least.......

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Ruinwen Dagorielle said...

That square is so lovely! What a nice gift! :)