Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A couple items I recently finished

I have recently finished a couple items.... The first is a soap sack.. made with a pattern from knitlist and made out of Lion Cotton. This was for a church friend in California and I was not sure what to make quickly.. so this won out.
These socks were made from Cascade Fixation... one of my very favorite yarns.... [see my bootie posts]. Anyway this is the broadripple pattern from www.knitty.com It is easily memorized.. I just had a touch of SSS [Second sock syndrom] and it took me over a year to make the pair... but at least I did finish.

Now you may say.. so what is next that the knitting Wahoo will do... WELL>>>>>>

I am working on a sweater for my son for Easter Sunday. It is blue and is made from Shepherd wool [it will be cold in the mountains on March 23rd]... I have used a diamond brocade pattern on the front... and a plain back.. it is a sweater vest... I am nearly done.. I did the front first as it was hardest [I had to deal with a repeating pattern and decreases... ARGH I am going up the shoulder blades on the back.. and should be ready to do the shoulder decreases later tonite or tomorrow at Lunch time..... Once I get it blocked and put together I will post a picture... I am rather proud of it if I must say so myself.


Ruinwen Dagorielle said...

The soap sack is a really great last minute gift! I love the socks...worth the wait! The sweater sounds like it will be such a beautiful labor of love! :)

Anonymous said...

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